Shannon Palus

Articles by Shannon Palus

The Men Who Save Baby Owls
June 22, 2015 — When a nestling tumbles to earth, these guys are there to help.
Battling Shell’s Claim to the Arctic
June 05, 2015 — Audubon and a league of conservation groups are taking their fight against drilling in the Chukchi Sea to court.
Is This the Most Adorable Epidemic Ever?
June 02, 2015 — A budgie surrounded by yawning budgies can’t help but yawn, too.
Tracking Birds’ Migration Paths, Online
May 20, 2015 — H is for Hawk author Helen McDonald writes about our relatively newfound ability to track animals’ migrations. Here’s how you can follow along.
Global Big Day, By the Numbers
May 15, 2015 — Cornell’s push to add species to its online bird database is a massive success.
Birds in Small Spaces
May 12, 2015 — Wildlife organizations are looking for innovative ways to keep birds out of bottles and cages.
How Pigeons Avoid Collisions
May 07, 2015 — Watch slow motion footage of the birds using their moves to complete a Harvard obstacle course.
New York Turns Out the Lights
April 30, 2015 — Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that the Empire State will go dark to help birds.
8 Ways to Keep Birds from Colliding with Drones
April 30, 2015 — And buildings, and airplanes, and wind turbines—there’s a lot in our sky to contend with.
Terror Bird Vs. Modern Bird
April 27, 2015 — A recent discovery of a terror bird skeleton has us wondering: How do modern birds stack up?