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Illustrated Aviary

Red Knot

Artist Claire Brewster uses pieces of the world to craft the birds that wander it.

The Best New Gear for Birding This Summer

What to pack, whether you're hiking through a boreal forest or photographing avian species from a boat.
Tips and How-Tos

Photographing Birds From a Boat: A Guide to the Basics

By The Editors
July 08, 2016 — For a whole new perspective, try a trip where you float.
ID Tips

Five Ways to Troubleshoot Your Birding Problems

By The Editors
July 08, 2016 — When your bird guide isn't getting it done, try these hacks and alternatives to make a better ID.
From Audubon Magazine

Head to the North Woods—the Boreal Birds Are Waiting

By Mel White
July 08, 2016 — Use this summer guide to explore the hidden treasures of the Boreal Forest.
From Audubon Magazine

Making the World Safer for Birds, One Piece of Glass at a Time

By Erica Cirino
July 08, 2016 — At a research center in Pennsylvania, bird-friendly products are put to the test in a simple, yet foolproof way.
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Who Will Stop Companies From Drilling Holes in the Grand Canyon?

By Bob Wyss
July 08, 2016 — As new mining claims threaten the national treasure, local tribes and conservationists are looking to Obama for help.

Legacy Florida Brings Money Back to the Everglades (Where It Belongs)

By Hannah Waters
July 08, 2016 — A new act ensures 20 years of funding to restore the imperiled River of Grass.
Letter From the Editor

A Closer Look at Birds, Humans, and Their Shared Experiences

By Mark Jannot
July 08, 2016 — In our new Flock Together series, you'll read inspiring stories about birds and the people who care about them.
Audubon View

Smarter Water Decisions Could Help End the West's Dry Run

By David Yarnold
July 08, 2016 — Audubon is working to make sure that new water-sharing rules protect and restore habitat for birds and other wildlife.

How Malheur Became the Epicenter of Community-Led Conservation

By Emma Marris
July 08, 2016 — The Malheur occupation depicted a landscape locked in conflict—but it was far from the truth.
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Robot Birds Haven't Taken Over Our Society...Yet

By Lina Zeldovich
July 08, 2016 — With the combined powers of nature and machines, innovators can gather secret intelligence, protect our crops, and someday even deliver the mail.

Land of the Lost Birds: Searching for Life in the Forests of Bioko

By Alisa Opar
July 08, 2016 — A crew of American scientists is venturing into remote Equatorial Guinea, even as rampant development threatens its bird-filled wilderness.

How Do We Save the Salton Sea?

By Tyler Hayden
July 08, 2016 — For decades California's largest lake has teetered on the edge of ecological disaster. But a new deal and action plan may finally be gaining momentum.
Flock Together

Catch and Release: The Mission to Save the California Condor

By Jonathan Carey and Dawn Kish
July 07, 2016 — To protect North America’s largest bird, Chris Parish and his crew must trap and treat the scavengers for lead poisoning.
Flock Together

There's an Ancient Bond Between Mongolia's Hunters and Golden Eagles

By Jonathan Carey and Cedric Angeles
July 07, 2016 — Since the time of Kublai Kahn, the Kazakh people have allied with raptors to find sustenance in a barren, mountainous land.
Flock Together

Behind the Scenes at Connecticut’s Biggest Baby Bird Nursery

By Purbita Saha and Camilla Cerea
July 07, 2016 — It’s feeding time, all the time, at Sharon Audubon’s animal-rehab hospital.
From Audubon Magazine

This Website Collects Obituaries for Birds—Here's Why You Should Use It

By Becca Cudmore
June 27, 2016 — Thanks to D-Bird, citizen scientists are beginning to fill in the gaps on how many birds collide with buildings.
Audubon in Action

Here’s Your First Look at Audubon’s New Birds and Climate Project

By Liz Bergstrom
June 22, 2016 — Climate Watch is getting volunteers across the country to admire bluebirds (for science).

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