Slip Sliding Away

While locals on the Outer Banks tussle over whether global warming is real and causing oceans to rise, the islands themselves are gradually, inevitably going under.

Flooding remains days after a storm on N Tower Circle in Buxton, NC. Photo: Greg Kahn

12 Unexpected Effects of Global Warming

From tiny goats to more active volcanoes, here are the global warming effects you aren’t expecting.

Photo credits, clockwise from top left: NASA; Dave Sills/Flickr Creative Commons; Tamás Matusik; Fulvio Spada; Matthew Garrison; Neal Herbert/NPS.

How Scientists Could Save A Rare Hawaiian Bird From Extinction

It involves a whole lot of native plants—and a whole lot of optimism.

Photo: Ken Etzel

How To Deal With Climate Change? Adapt.

From Three-spined Sticklebacks to Tawny Owls, five different species are adapting to warming temperatures in surprising ways.

Red-billed Gull. Photo: Photo: Andrew Walmsley/NPL/Minden

12 Views of a Warming World

Photographers capture a dozen scenes of a changing planet.

Photo: Peter McBride

9 New Ideas to Cut Carbon Emissions

These solutions could stem emissions from food, fuel, and beyond.

Photo: TK TK