Anna's Hummingbird. Matthew Olson/Audubon Photography Awards

The Joy of Birds

Birds bring us happiness in so many ways—especially in uncertain times. Whether you're just looking for a lift or in desperate need of distraction, look no further than this birdy care package, from Audubon to you. 

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Get Ready for Fall Migration
Fall Migration Hot Spots
Fall Migration Hot Spots

With autumn on the horizon, you can soon witness—up close and in person—billions of wings on the go in peak season. Here are six of my favorite lookouts.

Learn How to Start Birding by Ear
Learn How to Start Birding by Ear

Prepare for spring migrants with our six-part birding-by-ear series. By the end, you'll be able to better ID birds through their vocalizations.

Better Know Some Birds
Learn Some Fun Bird Facts
Watch Something Funny
Consider Picking Up a Camera

Catch Up on BirdNote Radio

Just Have a Laugh
An Ode to Weird Duck Time
An Ode to Weird Duck Time

Cartoonist Rosemary Mosco reflects on a season that’s special to her—and not only because she invented it.

Keep Your Mental Health in Mind
Virtually Tour the Audubon Mural Project
Start Your Own Project
Make Your Own Suet
Make Your Own Suet

With this easy vegetarian recipe, you can attract insect lovers like woodpeckers and nuthatches.

Try New Ways to Bird