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Guidelines, tricks from the pros, and more

From tools to techniques, here’s what you need to know to get started doing bird photography—or to up your game.  

Tips and How-tos

Use a Remote Trigger to Get Your Camera Closer to Birds

Even the best blind won’t help you capture certain shots—but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

The Basics of Bird Photography

Go Beyond the Basics

Tips and How-Tos

How to Master Migrant Warbler Photography

Warblers aren't the most cooperative subjects, but they are one of the most beautiful and addictive. Follow this advice to best capture the elusive birds.
Tips and How-Tos

Get Started With Camera Traps to Nab Unusual Bird Photos

Change your viewpoint with technology that snaps the shutter for you.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Capture the Splash Effect at Your Bird Bath or Fountain

Freeze water droplets in mid-air to create dramatic bird photography.

Want to Shoot Intimate Bird Portraits? Try a Portable Blind

Disappear in plain sight with one of these four types of camouflaged hides.
Tips and How-Tos

Six Tips for Photographing Birds from Boats

For stunning shots of alcids and other ocean-loving species, get in their element.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Take Sharp and Vibrant Photographs of Ducks in Flight

Capturing in-flight images of speeding ducks is challenging and rewarding. Follow these tips to land those shots.

All Tips and How-Tos

Tips and How-Tos

Flirting Ducks Make for Fun Photos

By Dan Walters
January 11, 2018 — Want to get an entertaining shot? Try capturing these courtship displays.
Tips and How-Tos

Five Hotspots for Photographing Bald Eagles

By Andy McGlashen
January 05, 2018 — The pros tell us about their favorite places to shoot Baldies.
Tips and How-Tos

The Dos and Don’ts of Editing Bird Photos

By Alex Furuya
November 27, 2017 — End up with the best image possible—without compromising its integrity.
Tips and How-Tos

Four Quick Tips for Photographing Flocks of Ducks

By Nikhil Bahl
November 03, 2017 — Rafting ducks provide a great opportunity to capture compelling images and group dynamics. Here's how to seize the moment.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Take the Best Duck Photos

By Michael Milicia
October 20, 2017 — Some simple tips for capturing compelling images of these special birds.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Shoot (Good) Bird Videos with Your Camera

By Benjamin Clock
August 17, 2017 — Do you want to capture a bird's every dip and call? Learn to break in the video mode on your digital camera.
Tips and How-Tos

Seven of the Best Spots for Photographing Migrant Shorebirds in the U.S.

By Benjamin Clock
July 20, 2017 — As Arctic-breeding birds begin making their way south in late summer, some stopover sites provide better photo opportunities than others.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Read the Tides for Shorebird Photography

By Shawn Carey
July 12, 2017 — Understanding how birds behave at different tidal times is key to capturing a truly great image—or even seeing them at all.
Tips and How-Tos

Follow These Pro Tips for Photographing Shorebirds

By Meghan Bartels
May 26, 2017 — Lisa Franceski has spent eight years shadowing shorebird families at her local beach. Here, she offers her advice for catching intimate shots.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Take Exquisite Hummingbird Photos

By Roy Dunn
May 04, 2017 — Hummingbirds are excellent subjects for simple or high-tech techniques. Follow these pro tips for capturing the speedy birds in flight and at rest.